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Friday, 26 January 2007



I love love love the flapper aesthetic and have a very beat up Time-Life book about the decade. I would die to be able to pull of Louise Brooks bangs and a drop waist dress but it's just not going to happen.

Queen Michelle

I think there's a drop waist for everyone Ambika! You may be surprised. Mind you, the downside of drop waists is their unfortunate ability to make one's legs look real stumpy.



Just discovered this blog via Iqons. Totally love it & just added it to my playmates on my blog.

Btw, that Philip Lim dress is fabulous. A friend of mine's got it in bottle-green - an incredible show stopper:-))))

Queen Marie

Dear Play
Many thanks for your kind words.
We would be delighted to welcome you to The Kingdom of Style.
Queen Michelle is out performing her dj duties this evening but she will take care of all the details on her return .
Queen Marie

Queen Michelle

Hey Play! I visited your site today I LOVED it! Very interesting indeed. I'm just getting the hang of this whole Iqons thing, but it seems fun and you get to 'meet' cool talented people. I shall add your site onto our Friends Of The Kingdom no less! And please do return and pipe up whenever the feeling suits you we're always up for fashion chat! And THAT dress in green? Oh my, how delicious!!!

1920's Fashion

It's really nice to see dresses like this coming back into fashion. I think reinventing the fashions of the 1920's has been done a lot throughout the last 80 years, but I don't think they've ever been done as well as they have in the last couple. Thanks for the information. Check out my site too for a ton more information on 1920's fashions as they exist today.

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