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Tuesday, 30 January 2007



ooo i loved the first picture too! since seeing it ive been contemplating the leather too; i was thinking of maybe hunting for just some shiny shiny type of leggings rather than real pvc. hmmmmmm. and you are so right- it totaly helps that shes so beautiful!

Queen Michelle

PVC is not pleasant to wear Selina. It sticks to you the second you get hot so you may be better off looking for some shiny fabric leggings, which I'm positive you'll be able to find. Plus, it's quite difficult to get decent fitting PVC as it tends to be sold in goth shops or sex shops, both of which seem to operate a 'one size fits all' rule.


Dot's definetely more high maintenance than the lady in the second picture. The coiffure alone takes June Brown a couple of hours to transform into Dot Cotton.

Anyway, the Brazilian lady so much reminds me of Fassbinder actress Hanna Schygulla. Just do a google picture search.

Queen Michelle

Then maybe it wouldn't be so bad being Dot! Infact, as I was watching Eastenders only last night, I noticed Dot's wardrobe is getting a lot less dowdy and a bit more chic! I think Dot is the new (Ugly) Betty!


This brazilian lady is Christine Youfon, a jewel designer and the one who makes some unique acessories for Neon

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