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Monday, 28 August 2006



Hmmm - having just started my own blog (finally) I thought I'd peruse the humble beginnings of other peoples. I live in a place with a similar small town mentality (well actually it IS a small town). I used to live in Nottingham and Leeds which were completely different. The area where I am does allow for some level of creative dressing, but if I went into the centre looking different I'd be toast. Do you dress any differently now than back in 2006?

Queen Michelle

Interesting question Row. I'd have to say no, I don't dress any differently now to then, I'm just a bit more open to sharing myself on the blog now. But if I lived somewhere more tolerant, then I can honestly say that I would push boundaries a bit more with my personal style. I dress relatively tamely compared to how I would dress given free reign. London really did open my eyes as to how a city can be very tolerant of people's dress. But I think Glasgow is actually improving a little, not much, but a little.

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