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Tuesday, 29 August 2006


queen marie

Why wouldn't you want to wear one? where do I begin...
You are quite right in that only the slim of frame has a hope in hell of carrying them off.
Much as it pains me to admit, there is photographic evidence of me in one of these horrors. At my 21st birthday party there I am smiling into the camera, oblivious of the fact that I look like a mechanic. I confess that it was fun to wear, it gave you that carefree, ready for fun kind of feel. But then I would have worn it with sneakers not slutty heels and a trampy belt...
Le Goldfrapp does look delicious but she would have to be the exception. The glamour and the fab flares save it.
Miss Uma carries the above off well, but lets be very clear here- these are racing leathers NOT A JUMPSUIT. The ultimate in rock and roll, leathers always look cool especially on the thin.
The first two i fear in the flesh would be rank. They look cheap, nasty and ill fitting, oh and just to finish the look i spy ankle boots -

Queen Michelle

Wearing it with sneakers!!!! That's what made you look like a mechanic! Oh the horror!

queen marie

'oh the horror' - that would have been my hair!!! permed as i remember...

queen michelle

Indeed, I've seen the photographic evidence.

lady coveted

wow, i had no idea you've been blogging this long. these jumpsuits are killing me!

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