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Tuesday, 29 August 2006


queen michelle

Prada Sport 'sandals' - are you a sandal or are you correctional footwear? Think on Queen.

queen marie

Hurumph! we are neither. Despite my fervent belief - "no prada- no point" it pains me to relay that my sports sandals always smell like a rabbit hutch.
This is a trait I have noticed across about five pairs. It is not a bad smell ( obviously I am as perfumed and fragrent as a rose arbour!)
It must be something to do with the black or grey mesh.
I never notice this in prada shoes, boots, trainers, sandals only the sports sandal - curiouser and curiouser!!!

queen michelle

Well I've owned rabbits and I can tell you with certainty - their hutches smell BAD! Perhaps you were a rabbit in a past life? Because god knows your love of lettuce is renowned...oh no wait sorry, I meant cakes, your love of cakes! Perhaps you were a cherry in a past life?? Or icing sugar...

Lisa Butcher and Misha Paris on 'what not to wear' me a favour...

Got a free set of brushes with last month's happy, used them once and they're in bits - why bother? Knock 50p off the cost of the magazine and do us all a favour.

Just read a letter in today's Sunday Times Style "I love Mischa Barton's style, where can I shop to get her look?" I kid you not! Fashionista strikes again!

I'm such a moaner but it feels good to get it out...

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