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Wednesday, 01 April 2015


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i am so glad to hear your pointe class survived! our class is starting pointe next sunday, after 2-3 years of building technique and strength. our teacher never thought beginners should even do pointe, but i guess we've progressed more than she had thought possible. many girls in the class know absolutely nothing about pointe so we are in the sweet process of learning about and acquiring all the paraphernalia and it's immensely exciting! of course, as soon as the teacher mentioned pointe several girls who were absent for months before that started coming to class and i am pretty sure they are in for a nasty surprise. i actually started pointe when i was living in another country in january and february and i can say it requires A LOT of strength and stamina. i'll be sure to forward your advice to the girls and if i come to glasgow, i'd love to come to your pointe class as well:)

Kingdom Of Style

It has survived for now, but probably not for very long. Our next grade has some pointe work in it, so it's not entirely gone from my ballet life.

Yeah lots of girls, especially recreational dancers, are simply not prepared for pointe and what it involves. But if you arm yourself with enough understanding and knowledge, then pointe class will be fun and rewarding. Obviously some girls just aren't equipped either mentally or physically for pointe, but you have to give it a try before realising that.

You are right, it really does require so much strength, especially for centre work. The barre work isn't so bad. Hopefully one day you'l make it Glasgow and come to our class, if it's still going.

Kingdom Of Style

Hooray such happy news for you.
So glad to hear that.
I know how much you LOVE your pointe classes

Queen Marie

Bike Pretty

From this list of do's and don't's, it sounds like there is an opportunity for a true beginner class that covers the topics that you mention. No wonder people are intimidated to start!

It's all well and good to tell the more passionate types that they need to do the research before starting. They will always find a way. But the question is really how to make it easier for casually interested people to join. Because that is what it will take to keep new bodies paying for classes.

Or you school could run it like a gym where most people pay for membership and never show up ;)

Kingdom Of Style

The thing about pointe work is that you can't be casualty interested in it as requires so much hard work, both physically and mentally, that you simply can't do it casually, you have to be dedicated and prepared for just how damn hard it is, even at absolute beginner level. There is no in-between level with pointe - you either do it or you don't and if you choose to do it, then you need to be prepared and that means knowing all of these things. This list is just the very basics needed for absolute beginners - there's an even bigger list for those more advanced!

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