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Monday, 02 February 2015



This looks absolutely amazing! Well done!


Gorgeous combination, and what a find from dear old H&M. It looks like that great print could lend itself to many a combination... Didn't you have a pair of trousies with an orange, blue, white, & grey geometrical print, not too long ago? ;) three cheers for Prince B, Prince amongst men indeed. And don't forget your old friends the charity shops when you're in need of a wee pick-me-up for nearly-no cash.

Kingdom Of Style

Oh yes the charity shops are going to be my usual haunts from now on. Luckily there are loads where I stay x


I bought this same top a week or so ago, and by chance am wearing it today. Made me beam when I saw it on KoS today, although I have styled it much less imaginatively! You look great :-)

Kingdom Of Style

Oh top twins!


Smashing combination of new & old. I loved the stereo collar situation from your insta feed.
Jessica is right and has an excellent memory, only, that named shorts is here, sent over the sea for a sex change (changing from male cut to female. It'll be sent back to its original owner asap.


Also, I thought it was a stork print on the top, not a loose goose.

Kingdom Of Style

I thought it was a stork too. This almost looks like it was made from vintage kimono fabric.

Queen Marie

Queen Michelle

Oh maybe it is a stork! I assumed a goose but yeah it could be a stork.


I absolutely adore this outfit on you! It's so great.
I hear you on the limited budget


Love the kimono-y print top just as it is, but it is made so much better by your outfit combination - a fantastic look!


Vintage, Marni, the dark green velvet. This is lovely.


Ooh, yes! Well done H&M, that is a lovely top. Really love the colour combination of that skirt and shirt. Nice one!

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