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Monday, 13 October 2014



There are no flaws to be seen here at all. You look beautiful. :)

Andrea Klettner

I'm not a dancer by any means - but I love these photos and the Cloud & Victory collection. Thanks for sharing!

Kingdom Of Style

Thanks for not laughing, guys. It's always a bit mortifying sharing photos of me doing something I'm probably not that good at!

Kingdom Of Style

Why on earth would you ever think anyone would laugh, you look like a beautiful ballerina
I think that final shot of you sitting on the floor is perhaps my favourite shot of you ever!
You look so happy...

Queen Marie

ps I'm loving your fringe, it doesn't look too severe at all. Just sharp.


You look absolutely amazing and so professional! You continually inspire me to go back to ballet classes and this week I will!


THANK you for posting this. X

Kingdom Of Style

You'll be booked to do the balletwear photoshoot!
Yeah I was thinking about softening my fringe a bit? I think it looks too harsh on me like this now. But it would involve growing it a wee bit, and I probably don't have the patience for that! xx

Kingdom Of Style

Oh enjoy your classes Smithy! Do let's us know how you get on.

Kingdom Of Style

You are most welcome Rowena dearest x


you look gorgeous <3 becky too!


Yes, indeed, this is exactly how lump of lard looks like!!!
Seriously Michelle, you look adorable in that tutu. Marie is right, the shot of you sitting on the ground like broken wind up doll is delicious!


You are lovely! My favorite is the black and white shot- impressive posture.

atelier Jen

Great photos - all of them!


Love the photos, your photos. I can picture you like a fairy dancing in a dark green and mossy forrest...

Do stage a photo shoot showcase your dance wear collection in an ethereal setting :-)

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