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Monday, 21 July 2014


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Great look!



This looks amazing, I love it! xx


You look gorge. I like those trousers and I like the whole baggy thing.


You rock! Love the black and white uniform, not to mention the Bao Bao!

Kingdom Of Style

Loving the baseball top.
Loving your hair even more. It looks in amazing condition!
Glad you said that about All Saints - I thought it was just me that was finding it all a bit blah these days.
It's a shift dress snorefest.

Queen Marie

ps - want to hear more about the Wales trip. Will give you a wee call Tuesday x


I adore this. May have to copy.
And yes All Saints, well I haven't even darkened their door in Seattle in forever.

Kingdom Of Style

My hair is driving me NUTS! Was there was talk on Saturday of cutting it all off again - don't panic, Prince B basically said he'd leave me if I cut my hair off because of the moaning I'd do afterwards!
Yes decided yesterday to go to Wales top see castles! I'm so excited xx

Atelier Jen

Loving the Balenciaga boots....have fun in Wales!


You have dancer's legs. They need to be strong to allow you to do what you need to do in dance. All Saints is boring these days. They used to have the best jeans. And, you cannot cut your hair.



always super dope queen

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