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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


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Sister Wolf

I read that long interview with him and wanted to strangle him with my bare hands. I'm sorry he tortured you. Fucker!


Oh, I love post-apocalyptic stuff, but this just sounds bonkers. Thank you for saving me from watching it.

On the subject of Biblical story adaptations, one of my favourite books of all-time is also based on Noah and his ark. It's actually a children's book, but is gritty, much more realistic than usual and certainly takes a very different stance. I think the world might just be a better place if every religious and world leader reads it. Brilliant, brilliant book.

Not the End of the World by Geraldine McCaughrean:


So is the main problem that it's not what you expect, knowing the Bible story? If you watch it as a totally new story, would it still be horrible?

Kingdom Of Style

Sister Wolf - Feel free to strangle away dearest Sister Wolf! I couldn't even finish the interview.. xxx

Susan - Ooh I've never heard of that. I shall check it out right now. Thank you. x

Steff - Indeed it would. It was like a mash up of two stories, there was underacting, overacting, bad acting and it was so dark, literally dark that I couldn't see what was going on in places. I found myself just looking at the costumes in places and losing track. I really did find it horrible! x

Queen Marie


Even though this review is negative and I totally trust you that it must be bad, you still made it sound somewhat wonderful and I can't wait to see it! I think it was the line about the fallen angels that did me.


What a drag! But as annemarie said, you somehow still made me want to watch it. And The Fountain is one of my all time favorite movies, so I have to watch everything Aronofsky makes.

Kingdom Of Style

Hahaha Annemarie and Steff - what a pair of contrary little minxes you are!
Love it...

Queen Marie

Atelier Jen

I have a fully operational Russell Crowe shield, which means I actually cannot ever watch a film with him in it. Harsh, possibly, but there you go.

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