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Wednesday, 16 July 2014



Sounds like your mojo is back with vengeance and that you made huge progress! Does Prince B even need TV while you are doing your frog stretches?

Kingdom Of Style

He does find it highly amusing!


nice photos!!

Atelier Jen

Having just recently discovered your blog, I'm not up to speed on your biog - have you been doing ballet all your life - proffesionally? I'd love to be that flexible! I did ballet when I was young, from about 4 to 12 years old. I gave up after failing an audition for the Royal Ballet School, Tring. I failed in part because the medical revealed that I actually had pretty flat feet - my arches were high because of doing ballet from a young age. There went my ballerina dreams! After I gave up (in devastated despair) my arches dropped, needing physio for two years...

Kingdom Of Style

No, I'm actually new to ballet - only been doing it for 4 years, having began at 37!


I know a lot of ballet teachers stopped with the frog stretch because it's considered too 'dangerous' for your muscles. I always did them when I was young (absolute horror as I am not flexible that way at all)
My teacher is against it and we do other stretches to compensate. But it could be a good reason why you never came across it before, apparently it's a controversial one ;)

Old dogs can learn new tricks :-)

I've been doing Elise Gulan's ballet conditioning at home since April. Not learning ballet from childhood has its limits. Although I did take a lot of classes in college but it wasn't the same, know what I mean?

However, ballet is incredible in contouring body. I can't believe how strong and elongated I got just from doing it once or twice a week. I also do a lot of pilates/ballet stretch.

Looking at your photos I don't know if I'd ever be able to do them. However, it's the doing that counts.

One day, perhaps you can post a clip of you dancing......

Kingdom Of Style

I didn't ever think I'd be able to do the splits at this age, but I got there after stretching everyday at home. I've built up a lot of muscle (under the soft layer of fat of course!), weirdly on my back mostly. I do wish that hadn't happened as it makes clothing fit really weirdly.
It's been on my mind to try and film me dancing but it takes more confidence than I have currently to share that. But I'll do it, I just need to grit my teeth and not be mortified!

Atelier Jen

Blimey! I'm well impressed!

Atelier Jen

Blimey, I'm well impressed!

Ok, stretching everyday. I am inspired. I don't care if I have muscle on my neck but I'd love to be able to do the splits.

If you use filter lens and film it off focus, wearing a full length tutu with many layers, and have more light outside of the studio than inside (hopefully in a studio with big windows and high ceiling), I bet the clip will be ethereal and breathtaking. Just think of it as GIF and that 10 years from now you'd look back and be amazed at how good you are. :-)

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