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Friday, 18 July 2014



lol you think you have it bad? My boobs are in the super-awkward category (30GG) which means finding any bras, let alone nice bras, is a job and a half :( High St brands like La Senza and even trusty M&S do not cater for ladies like me.

I recently went to an Agent Provocateur sale and could only look at all the lovely silky things feeling very sad. These ones are beautiful too, but again, not for the likes of me :((((

Kingdom Of Style

I do have a cheek to moan. Whilst I do utterly detest having boobs bigger than I've ever had in my whole life, I do have it easy as they are still relatively small!


These are so pretty, and I love the title of the collection. Exquisite prints wow! xx


How beautiful. My chest is far to big to fit into any of it. So sad

Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

Bike Pretty

I felt comforted by your story. There's a lot of messaging that large breasts are best and that small boobs are deficient. It's always refreshing to read a different opinion.
I treasure my clothes (especially underpinnings) too. It can make it extra hard to accept the inevitable change. But I'm sure if you you'd find it worth the spurge if you honored your body and your boobies with a little lingerie love. Remember, there's nothing wrong with your body. Maybe those just aren't actually your bras/trousers/shoes/etc.

Kingdom Of Style

I just hate looking down and seeing cleavage, not to mention the fact I find it horribly uncomfortable. With little boobs, I could wear any bra and none would give me cleavage, but now every bra gives me cleavage. I do agree that we are constantly bombarded with the message that big boobs are best. I have never wanted big boobs in my whole life.

Juanita  Avila

You should see this!


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