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Wednesday, 18 June 2014



You look amazing, I adore this outfit and your hair looks great! xx


Yup, I think our couple of days of summer is over for now. Silly Glasgow weather! Love the sunglasses, such a classic style that works so well.

Charlotte /


I love it.


This dress doesn't age, neither do you.


Love this on you!
I recently tried an outfit a smidge like you. It did not work. Ah well.


love the socks ;)


Great Scottish Summer outfit!

Kingdom Of Style

yes, my people are not good in the sun!

Kingdom Of Style

Pah inded.
Like I said last week, I LOVE your new fringe.
It honestly makes you look so young.
Also how amazing does your precious Balenciaga look in these shots....

Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

My Balenciaga bags were hands down my best ever purchases. They actually look better the older they get.


LOVE the outfit & you look gorgeous! It would be perfect for our Canadian summer so far too...
Now I just have to see if I could be as brave as you and cut my fringe ("bangs" here!) shorter, as everyone keeps suggesting to me - it certainly works for you & you look lovely, so I may just take a deep breath and give it a try!

Kingdom Of Style

Fringes grow soooooo quickly, so even if you didn't like it, it'd grow out in a couple of weeks. And deep breath........


Did it! ...I have EYEBROWS...who knew?!!

Kingdom Of Style

Eyebrows meet Michele, Michele meet eyebrows!

Atelier Jen

Very cool!

Atelier Jen

PS. Love the Brothels. Just picked up a pair of white ones, from Underground, on a quick visit to London, can't get them here in south west France.

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