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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


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:-/ that's depressing (NIN). I'll let you know what they're like in Notts

Kingdom Of Style

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing them live but the crowd was crap and Trent's lack of involvement did ruin it slightly. It just felt like he couldn't be arsed.


I think that rude attitude is part of NIN image because Trent seems to be decent friendly dude in interviews. Or something/somebody pissed him off.
Fresh audience has a different perspective on that music. For us it was a lifestyle, for them, who knows, but certainly not the same type of rebellion. Anyway, I hope that you don't need wait another 10 years to see them again.

I must admit, I find the same at gigs these days. They are quite tame from what I remember in my youth. I usually dress to be jostled and trod on but it rarely happens. Recent gigs include the Damned and The Pogues and barely a surge in sight. We are either more polite or just old.

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah I used to come home black and blue after a gig and that was good thing!

Atelier Jen

Both more polite and older!


oh no, i am so sorry to hear that! i never had the opportunity to see nin live, but since the newer records (after "year zero", but i think it is even after "with teeth" where i would draw a line for myself) didn't work for me at all and trent seemed to be more concerned with all other things but nin itself, i somehow lost interest - which i regret, nin really meant a lot to me (and the older stuff still does). with the audience, i had a similar experience during a skinny puppy gig in 2011. the audience was asleep, and during the first seconds of "worlock", you could see that ogre waited for some reaction from the audience. but nothing happened. boo.


sio- I saw Skinny Puppy on couple of occasions before 2011 and it was the same thing, just some grufties jumping around in front of the stage. Skinny Puppy is more performance orientated and Ogre always tries to make something out of it and still no response.
Maybe we used to be more emotional generation and youngsters today (quasi) intellectualize music. They are certainly more conformist. The last gig that I had honor to see where the whole venue jumped in chaos, was a small noise gig in Belgian province 2 years ago. Apparently, the spirit of rebellion survived only in small towns. Germany might be the only exception to this rule.

Kingdom Of Style

I'm shocked at Skinny Puppy audiences being so inert. I would have thought they attracted the die hard fans of old. In one respect I feel better as us oldies were the ones being raucous and badly behaved!


Yes, bleeding hell! We have no excuse and reason to purchase bad ass die hard boots anymore! We have been ripped!
On Sunday I'll be attending one of those off noisy gigs and I bet that every last crusty will have noise reducing earplugs. Safety first.

Kingdom Of Style

Noise reducing earplugs....nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Yeeees! And not just any random ones, but the pro ones from music shops. It happened that band itself would suggest it, cos you know, it'll be noisy.....


I'm pleased to report that although tamer than gigs of my youth, NIN at Nottingham didn't disappoint. A good mix of ages and I even got jumped on and sprayed with unknown liquid. I was in the front third of standing so atmos good. Someone peed in a cup. The seating areas looked rather lame tho.


The cup thing was gross btw. Gross.

Kingdom Of Style

It sounds like you had a more lively crowd there. I guess overall in our youth, the youth were actually much more rebellious.
Pissing in a cup though. That's just fucked up.

Jenna Brown

Saw them last night in Manchester and generally there was a good mix of people all ages. I've seen them do their own shows twice before early and mid 2000s but never in an arena. I was slightly disappointed by the atmosphere of the crowd as well. Seating looked well boring so I was glad I was standing, but no one seemed to be moving for almost the whole set (apart from the front section of the crowd at the front). Luckily the last few songs everyone seemed to go mental, especially for 'Head Like a Hole' which made me much happier. Even had most of the seated people standing up going for it!

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