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Wednesday, 23 April 2014



Hello *wave* Good to have you back KOS. I'll only stop reading if you ever stop writing:)
PS: Those shoes are divine! Have you still a link or the name of the ebay shop by any chance?


Hi! I'm still reading :) was just waiting for KoS to pop up again on Bloglovin' - I missed the daily updates. Glad it's all sorted now.

Kingdom Of Style

Hello!!!! Aw it's so nice to 'see' you! I'm glad you guys are following us on Bloglovin'. So many of our readers don't use social channels, but hopefully some of those are using Bloglovin'. Big internet hugz all round! x

Kingdom Of Style

Silke, I had a look in my eBay purchase history to find the shop I bought them from, but it only goes back 60 days. I'll try and remember what my search terms were though

Kingdom Of Style

These are very close!


Welcome back!

Kingdom Of Style

Thank you, it's sooooo good to be back! x


Huh, I wouldn't have noticed the arm issue if you hadn't mentioned it. I thought this outfit looked lovely as soon as you tweeted the instagram. Anyway, welcome back!

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah it makes me look I have weirdly podgy Popeye arms!


I'm still here, and i absolutely love the outfit! Good to have you back online :-)
Lucy x


I am here holding your hand tight, my queen. Every event in life has a silver lining. I am sure you will learn from this.
Sending plenty love and sunshine your way


I forgot to say that every year I stop blogging for a whole month in order to take distance, perspetive and trek in Scontland; and my followers, the true ones, the ones that matter are always there when I come back.
1000K Besos -kisses


Still here! Although I'm much quieter than I used to be! :)

Kingdom Of Style

Mis Papelicos and Angie, thank you for sticking around. Great to know you are out there x


I bought that top too after I saw your post! I picked a medium, thinking it would be a little oversized. Nope - I'm a size 8/10 and it just about fits, so long as I give up on having full movement of my arms. It's a lovely top though, and looks fantastic on you.

P.S. Glad to have you back :-)


Good to see you are still here, i was a little freaked out!!!

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah I have no arm movement wearing it either!


Welcome back! (stupid hackers-*mutter, mutter, grr*)


Yay you're back!! I've been reading KOS since 2008, there was no way a creepy internet attack was going to stop me :)
I really like the colours and textures in this outfit, especially the collar against the pattern of the top.


Love this! Saw your hiatus issues on twitter. Sorry.

Evil Britta

Not being able to see more than a preview on my rss reader has made me a less frequent visitor to this blog, but here I am, catching up. (Seriously, I understand there's probably some sort of page view reason for not having full posts on the rss feed, but it really is a hassle for readers.)

Kingdom Of Style

Thanks for checking in!
We much prefer readers to come and experience the blog properly, rather than on a feed. We work super hard not only on the content but also keeping the blog design up-to-date and looking pretty for you guys, so it's nice if you come onto the blog and experience it fully.

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