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Thursday, 10 April 2014



Rope shoelaces? Interesting.


I missed them too - those very ones!

What's even more galling is that ebay is flooded with them. I'm guessing that a whole load of re-sellers snapped many of them up. :-(

Kingdom Of Style

And gold rope too no less!

Grrrrr - I don't know about you but that really pisses me off when they do that. Buy them up with no
intention of ever wearing them, it's all about making huge mark ups on them. Harumph.

Queen Marie


They're back on there at Liberty - just in case you haven't seen yet, Queen Marie! :-)

Kingdom Of Style

Susan - Queen Michelle texted me after you posted, I was in a meeting but I excused myself and ran to the nearest computer twenty
minutes later but they were already gone again. Arghhhhhhhhhhh.


Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

Keep checking, maybe they'll show up again. Oh how I hate those greedy resellers, ruins it for those of us who really want and will wear them but refuse to pay inflated prices. I hope they turn up for you! XXX <3


Oh no! Sorry to hear that, Queen Marie!

Remember that they will be making an appearance in other shops in early(ish) May, if you miss them this time around.

Jet - They are so annoying. Some of the prices they're asking are crazy - hope no one buys them for that!

Kingdom Of Style

Jet and Susan - I know, it is beyond greed what some of them try to sell them for. Grrrr
I shall keep my eyes peeled and try to be faster.


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