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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Kingdom Of Style

Oh yes the brogues are awesome! I love the cut-out details x

Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

Oo the heels look divine & comfy too! XXX


What gorgeous shoes! Definitely got our weak spot there!!! Great post! Thanks for sharing
Check out our web for some great fashion when you get a chance, thanks!


I soooo wish i could walk in heels!!!!!!!!!!! Those shoes are just eye watering type of yummy!! Although i do love the picture of the beige, cream and black flats just as much actually!! I love Carvella by Kurt Geiger and the price I would say is pretty good and so is the price of these shoes, just been on the website.. would totally swap my next Carvella Shoes for a pair of these shoes! Who says i actually need to walk in them... Could just buy them and stare at them! Amazing! Love this post! xxx

Kingdom Of Style

The cut outs and the shape of the heels are what make these special I think.
Haha Charlotte, I always sit and stare at all my new shoes before I actually wear them.
The more special the shoe, the more afraid I am of actually wearing them outside...


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