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Thursday, 27 March 2014



I'm a fan of your dance posts Michelle: it adds texture to the blog, and a little more of a personal dimension without turning the whole thing into a diary of yours and Marie's life. I'm not personally doing any dancing at the moment, but it's always good to hear about someone pushing through something difficult and trying to achieve a goal.

We practiced spotting in my one of my ballet classes as a young'un, by tacking up pictures of tween heartthrobs on the far wall of the studio, and staring at them for as long as possible. Not sure that it really helped, but it was fun...Your technique sounds much more likely to succeed. Good luck!

Bike Pretty

I love, love, love these dance posts. I've been reading your blog for years by the way. When I started, I was in school in a foreign country. In the intervening years, I've broken off an engagement, returned home, made tons of money working for the man, then chucked it all to start my own business, started my own blog, and got married.

Along the way, your blog has been a constant thread. But what makes it so great is that your work has evolved too. The ballet adventure is a huge part of that. Most of all, your honesty is what shines through. Never apologize for telling your truth!

Kingdom Of Style

Crikey, you've been a busy lady! How wonderful that we have kind of been a wee part of your adventure! Anyway, glad you appreciate the dance stuff x


I'm happy you just told me about the 'Russian method' of going onto pointe because that's how I learned, but then thought I was doing it completely wrong since we now have more of a French teaching style. I own Grishko's as well (same as you) and find it impossible to do slow rises. Happy I now know that might have something to do with the shoe as well and it's not just me failing miserably!

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah Grishkos are hellish for not bending at demi-pointe. I had to stand on mine to try and squash the box at the top, and I've been wearing the pair I have for months! I think the shank will die long before the box softens.
I was taught the springing method too initially, and whilst the rolling up is really more to strengthen our feet, it's none the less impossible in these shoes.

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