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Friday, 28 March 2014


Kingdom Of Style

Haha that little print could actually be me! I have sulks, well, it's what people construe as a sulk, when it reality it's my mechanism for preventing a verbal tirade of such epic proportions it would knock the recipient on their arses! And it stops angry crying too.

You don't sulk but you do have out and out, Shirley Temple style tantrums, complete with the only-dogs-can-hear-you shouting. Ah I've been on the receiving end of THOSE phone calls a few times - a phone held at a safe distance from my ear needless to say!

I love the skull necklace on account of my current Sons of Anarchy obsession!


Is it possible to be a hybrid, first you sulk and then shout (not as sophisticated as Shirley Temple style tantrums)? Hybrid like octodiver?

I'd put "don't be shit" card in the hallway, just to make house rules clear right from the start and put another card on the cover of the certain map that holds certain bureaucracy papers.

Kingdom Of Style

The worst of both worlds, as it were?
Actually I can't physically shout. My pathetic asthma lungs just won't allow it. Barry tries to get me to shout and when I attempt it he laughs hysterically!


Lucky Prince B!
I'm a peasant, as in my volume is always up, like those deaf people on the phone. Perfect for theater actors, not so handy in real life. Basically, i never shout, cos I'm loud enough anyway.

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