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Friday, 28 March 2014


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some of the shots remind me of something out of Garage magazine (a brilliant thing, IMO)

I, too, am tentative when it comes to french fashion. I think of it as so put together and classical and feminine, and I tend to exist on the punky-glam-edgy-god-only-knows side of things. yet, I love the structured jackets and those blue trousers. And that yellow top/pencil skirt combination.
I feel like the sequin skirt would fit only a certain body type. It looks--and I don't mean this horribly!--a on the model. I shudder to think of what it'd look like on me.


Oh Stella Tennant, She really gets my heart beating and my blood racing <3
What a woman

Kingdom Of Style

Dasi - maybe it's the waistband on the skirt. I shudder to think what ANY of these items would look like on moi!

Queen Marie

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