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Friday, 07 March 2014



This images are so beautiful and inspiring. I've always been fascinated by ballet, I love reading your posts about it. Now that I'm older I wish I'd gone as a child but I was far too shy and would have refused to go. When I'm struggling for inspiration/motivation looking at others' work helps me as well. And sometimes looking at my own work and trying to pick out positives - sure, it's maybe not as good as (insert amazing artist here) but these people like it, support my work, etc. I think it's so easy to self-deprecate when trying to improve, it's important to remember the progress made and obstacles overcome. xx

Kingdom Of Style

I do struggle with picking out positives from my own, in this case dancing, but then I'm always overly critical of myself, which is my failing and probably the reason I feel I don't ever progress.
You've inspired me to try and pick one thing per class that I'm good at or that I've improved at. It won't be easy, but maybe if I can find positives in my dancing I'll feel less affected by the failures x


I think it's a good way to try and think about any developing skill, obviously ballet and illustration aren't even slightly similar disciplines so I can't relate to you 100% but they are similar in that the only way you improve is through practice and dedication. For me, I look at how you've achieved Grade Four and are into Grade Five - seriously I remember reading about when you started ballet and I think it's amazing! It's a lot in a short space of time and I'm the same, very self-critical, but I think it's important to try and focus on one success per endeavour - even if it's that you've just learnt NOT to do something rather than improved anything. I just keep thinking about how strange it is that we celebrate even small achievements of others and give them praise for positives, yet (for me at least, and seemingly many others) we don't do the same for ourselves xx


Sometimes teachers themselves don't know how to handle the progress, or the lack of it, of their students the best. Teaching is about communication and not obeying the orders and miserably failing. Maybe the failure is in miscommunication and not in you.
Would it possible to suggest to slow down and learn halves or quarter turns first? Don't forget to mention that this is in order to learn and not the opposite. Count on intelligence of your teacher and on her willingness to improve herself and have successful students.

Kingdom Of Style

We can't really break the exercise down like that unfortunately, as an exercise has several component parts to it so we really need to learn it as a whole. I guess it's just going to be practice, practice, practice!


Too hard to imagene.
Happy weekend, my queen


A la seconde turns are super similar to pirouettes and start from second -- just a different leg position. If you start with a la secondes, pirouette should be easy to figure. :)

Kingdom Of Style

The we way we're being taught is to tendu out to second, pliƩ, then releve into your pirouette? The leg is in pirouette position. I guess it's because we're doing BATD and this video is RAD. Well I can be thankful it's not this one I guess because that looks even harder!


Other people who've carried on with things. My temptation creatively (and other stuff too) is to give up prematurely because I don't think I'm ever going to be as good as I could be. I don't ever think this for other people of course - just me, and have ditched whole projects because of it. Of course you look back and wonder why you didn't stick that tough period out. This quote by Ira Glass is always encouraging:

Bike Pretty

That quote is never not encouraging! It's helped me so much.

But then half the trouble of practicing is psyching myself up to actually practice. I get so self-critical that it feels like I'm just setting myself up for failure.

For some reason, listening to Lana Del Rey matches my self-pity spiral and actually pushes me through the barrier so I can get down to work.

It's odd because I don't listen to her at any other time.

nicola lynde

A lot of my motivation is internal drive to improve etc. and I do think it's important that some drive comes this way. But it is often seeing others dance that gives me that extra little push, sort of lights that desire to be great. I can't comb through my pinterest without wanting to throw on my pointe shoes and head to the studio. Whenever I go to the ballet I sit in the audience bursting to dance. So I think it's important to have both sources. Also with everything super frustrating, there comes great satisfaction with achieving it, and I'm sure those pirouettes will be just like that!

Kingdom Of Style

That is indeed a massively motivational quote Rowena, thank you for sharing that with me x

Kingdom Of Style

"I get so self-critical that it feels like I'm just setting myself up for failure" - this is EXACTLY me too. I set my own standards impossibly high so really all I can do is fail.

Kingdom Of Style

I never seem to get the satisfaction of achieving my goals in ballet because I never have a 'eureka' moment. It's feel that progress happens so slowly as to be almost imperceptible, so I can never really pinpoint the moment I could do something that previously I could not. Does that make sense? I hear all the time from teachers that one day they were just able to pirouette. That somehow everything was in place that moment in time to make it happen. I think I need one of those - where I go from not being able to, to being able to.

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