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Wednesday, 05 February 2014



That bag is

Yinsey -

This bag is GORGEOUS! I love how the colour pops. I'm with you on this one - I always end up becoming a major bag lady.


Welcome Bao Bao!


Nice one Michelle! It's fab. I have wanted one of these bags for ages! I wanted the black one but I just went on Matches to have another drool and saw the amazing silver one. Swoon! Now can someone just explain why the silver one is three times the price even though it's made from the same materials?!

Kingdom Of Style

They come in different sizes and the silver one is way bigger than this one x


AHHH! It looks the same size on the model in the pics! Confusion solved.


I haven't quite had feelings for a bag like this in a loooooong time. What a gorgeous little number. The colour is just insane! The clutch though, the clutch version is just beautiful.


That is such a cool bag! xx


Oh my god I am one of those "bag ladies" as well. My co-workers always make fun of me that I carry so much junk, but once I leave my apartment, I never have time to go back home! So I need my every day purse, my gym bag, my lunch box, and a bag for whatever errands I'm running after work (groceries, dry cleaning, whatever...)
Anyway, I finally got a cute tote and backpack to carry my extra junk too :)

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