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Monday, 03 February 2014



Those trousers are amazing! As usual, I'm in awe of your layering skills. xx


Are trousers hard to make/what's your level of sewing skill? I am ridiculously picky about the style and fit of my trousers--they always seem to hover around some sort of unflatteringly poor fit. Obviously, alterations sort of work, but...if it's not impossible, I'd love to create a whole collection of Johnny Thunders/David Bowie-esque trousers! :D
Ohh, and is it terribly expensive to make them? Dresses can be done cheaply, if you haunt thrift shops for fabric/patterns, but trousers...?
(also, cool outfit. I love the interplay of colour and the silhouette. Even if you have to hike it up ever so often.)


Dasi - proper trousers, with pockets and all, do take quite some time to make, but, it is very much possible. The biggest issues are the fabrics, or the lack of them, in shops.


Thanks, dust. :)
Aside from being time consuming, are they at anything below an 'expert' level? and, is there something in particular to look for in pants fabric? A certain eleasticity/stretchiness, or weight or...? Sorry to ask so much; I'm pretty new to sewing.

I'm quite fortunate to live in a city where there's so much fabric at hand (Los Angeles); it's just a *tad* expensive. In the case of many things, it's cheaper to buy it from a store, or to make do with old sheets or curtains.

Kingdom Of Style

Dasi I'm really unskilled at sewing. I make it up as I go along. I can do trousers but only with a simple elasticated waist and without pockets. I do find making your own to be much more expensive than just buying a pair from a shop though. I only wanted to make a pair because I can't find any in shops which have interesting prints, colours or shapes.


Glad to help Dasi!
There are many options below "expert" level, no pockets or elastic in the waist. Weight of the fabric is more seasonal thing, but they do need to be densely woven. Stretch only in case that you want tight fit, for baggy fit it's not recommended. If you want to start making your own, i suggest starting with heavy cottons and not slinky and silky ones, in order to have more control.

Sorry Michelle for hijacking your comment section!
Bravo for Resurrection Roll!
Also, is that cotton jersey part a tunnel? Can you put elastic through?

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah it's a cotton tunnel so my initial thoughts were to feed elastic through it. It's only very thin jersey though, so I think I'd need to fold it over and create a new 'tunnel' to feed the elastic into.


That should keep them up and safe.
Not to forget, knowing how hard it is to make good picks in this weather, photo's are great, especially the way background matches the outfit.


Just brilliant!!!


What a brilliant way to update those pants of yours so they dont go to waste! Tho I always wonder how you always seem to wear open-toed heels/beautiful suede shoes/glitter brogues in a city like glasgow where it seems it rains perpetually (as evidenced by the rain on the ground around you in these pics!) Dont your feet get wet/your shoes get ruined? I always ask because I struggle to find nice shoes that can survive the occasional rain we get here in Sydney!

Kingdom Of Style

Basically I'm constantly checking BBC Weather!


Ughh I struggle to find wet weather approps shoes!


love your shoes !!!

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