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Thursday, 06 February 2014



I think I've read somewhere this is one of the favourites of NYCB dancers. I absolutely love them, although they are quite expensive. Not being able to try them on and having a difficult body (plus price) kind of puts me off from ordering.

So lately I have been thinking to start creating my own dancewear. I'm sick of al the colours on offer (although these are lovely) and the offer in general, and the fit. Most brands seem to offer the most boring, uninspiring basic stuff (which is quite expensive as well!) No wonder all the girls in my class buy yoga clothes or wear normal tops and tight leggings as a substitute for ballet clothes, and so do I! (think fashion snob though. I managed to wear Dries van noten clothes (skirt, knitted tops) as ballet outfits and combine regular tights with my traditional leotards (dip dye tights, bright or patterned tights) Makes it all a lot more fun!)

Kingdom Of Style

Oh I'm so happy you're considering making your own dancewear! I'm collaborating with a dear designer friend on some dancewear at the moment too. Not leotards or anything yet, just skirts and trousers mostly. I'd love to see what you come up with as somehow who makes clothes and dances too x

nicola lynde

I bit the bullet and ordered one at the start of January. I ordered the Jessica in a grey micro fibre, with black trim (my colour palette is not very innovative, but I like the basics). I did some research online and also asked the Berlin store a couple of questions and hopefully have ordered the right one. I won't be receiving it until the end of March, but I'll let you know how it measures up in the bust department when I get it. They opened a store in Berlin a couple months back and I'm looking forward to visiting next time I'm down there.

Kingdom Of Style

Yes please, let me know how you get on when it arrives.

the animal orchestra

I'm thinking of ordering a new leotard from Energetiks - an Australian company. Specifically, I'm excited about the Camp Cross Front Leotard ( because it would work with a sports bra underneath and has quite an elegant line to it. I adore the look of a cami strap leotard, but sadly, it will never work for me. :(

Miss Taylor

As a long-time dancer with similar bust issues (DD+) I second the Energetiks recommendation. My leotard of choice is the Wide Cross Strap Leotard ( So supportive but will also accommodate wearing a bra underneath (if you have one with the right style of straps, I have a sports bra in that fashion and it's perfect). In general, I've found Energetiks leotards to be far more forgiving for those of us that don't have the body of an adolescent - their leotards are just more substantial. The materials last really well and are quick-drying. It's just a pity that they've only got limited colour choices online.

Kingdom Of Style

Energetiks is a new brand to me too. For some reason that link didn't work, but I had a look at the main site. The leotards seem functional but on the nicer side of functional?


Some leotards by the French brand repetto have what they call a "maintien poitrine", literally a "chest support", which is actually a built-in bra without underwire in a flesh-coloured fabric. It's quite comfortable, but maybe it's not so comfortable on hot days. Anyway, repetto is a brand I can recommand, because the sizing is accurate and the quality is good.

Kingdom Of Style

I shall have a look online for Repetto leotards. I knew they did ballet shoeos but didn't realise they also create leotards. Thanks for the recommendation x

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