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Monday, 10 February 2014



They may fit oddly, but they look great! That bag really is amazing too.. :-)


You iluminate the streets, dear Queen


Your graphic design eye certainly helps when placing prints together wouldn't you say? Look at the sleeve pattern and how it makes the eye travel down to the complementary pattern in the shorts. So perfect...and then the shapes in the your bag! Love it so much. It's a shame the shorts were badly cut, maybe open up the seams and make it into a skirt!!?? Such a great combo. x

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah maybe being a designer helps things along? Funnily enough, I tried to make a pair of shorts at the weekend and it was an utter disaster so I have vowed never to touch a sewing machine again! Me and sewing machines just don't go together x

Kingdom Of Style

Mis Papelicos, your comments usually go straight to the spam folder and I release them manually, but hurrah today they published straight away. Today Typepad decided you are not spam!


Those colours and prints are just fantastic together. The shirt in particular has inspired me so much that I've popped over to the Choies website and they have some amazing things (especially the printed front denim jackets). Why have I never heard of it before now? Thanks for pointing me in its direction, Michelle!

Kingdom Of Style

It's great for simple things like blouses and shirts. The quality is akin to Primark. I go there when I'm looking for interesting patterns that I can't get in the UK. They have a good selection of printed shirts.


Pardon my bluntness, but this might be only instance when a small penis is a pro.
Knee length shorts are the short shorts of the 40's. I tried to layer them over skinny trousers this winter, it worked well.

Kingdom Of Style

Loving this Queenie
It's a geometric masterclass.
This has put a big smile on my face.

Queen Marie


Very cheerful! I like how you combine prints in unexpected ways. The bag is a nice addition, I guess you chose it because it has the same geometric pattern as the other pieces?

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