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Monday, 17 February 2014



So good to look at you first thing in the morning


Oh! With those glasses, perfect! It's almost minimalistic, in your terms, only one print and some glitter.

MIS PAPELICOS always has the most uplifting comment in only one sentence.


Oh, boy! I love the way each other element of your outfit plays off the suit in a distinct way. Perfect. And, I always enjoy Dust's comments, too! If fact, sometimes they cost your stats my comment, as what Dust had to say was so much more witty or intelligent that whatever I had been going to say pales in comparison and I decide to abstain ;)

Secret little stars

Wow! This outfit is something else! Love it all x

Secret little Stars


wow, that suit is beautiful-- it's almost like a modern, psychedelic spin on the Katherine Hepburn outfit in your following post.

I also always enjoy Dust's comments. I knew she must be a designer of some sort because she always seems a bit more clued in than the rest of us!


More Dusturbance, please!


Fantastic outfit! Looking forward to more.

Kingdom Of Style

Yeah I decided to mix more using colour rather than print in this instance. Doubtless it will appear again clashed up with prints very soon x

Kingdom Of Style

Haha yes Dust is very poetic!


jess, I refuse to e used as excuse. I deny everything!

Kingdom Of Style

Oh that is divine and the proportions are just perfect and you look so happy
in it Queenie.
Congrtatulations Dust.
Can't wait to see what else was in your box of fashion goodies...

Queen Marie


Beautiful! Dust is already dressing me for over 20 years, i am known as the good dressed women, i tell them all;" its not me, it is Dust!". The only thing i am good at is enjoying it! Birdeater...

Kingdom Of Style

Birdeater, by all accounts I hear you have the perfect figure for dressing!


Indeed, no amount of butter, cream and birds can fatten her up. Since I'm legally not allowed to kill her, all I can do is dress her. Bireater's smiling lines are my fault!

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