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Thursday, 09 January 2014


nicola lynde

I too am a big fan of the full body tight in combat of the jiggly boobs problem (it's even allowed to use old leos that I'd deemed to unsupportive again). I also like the capezio leos with bra-tech, but they have been hard to track in Europe, I usually buy them when I'm back in Canada. I love fusco leg warmers! Inspired by their designs I actually knit myself a thigh-high pair in greys and black over the winter holidays. I also really like the burgundy/pale pink pair and might consider ordering some to save myself the effort.

Kingdom Of Style

Oh how I wish I could knit! I once knitted a couple of beanies but that's as much as I can manage. But these legwarmers are just wonderful, alhough I wonder if the wool is perhaps ever so slightly too thick? Seems they might be tricky to roll up should you need to see what your feet are doing.


Hello Michelle!

Inspired by, amongst others, your blog, I decided to start doing ballet about 5 months ago. I am quite a curvy girl so support is very much needed. I always wear my Black Milk swimsuit to class with pink tights and a very good blue sports bra from the popular dutch lingerie store Hunkemoller under it. I would really recommend trying a supportive sportsbra that is high at the chest and broad at the shoulders, if you haven't yet!
(btw, I just read your article about validation by comments. Normally I never comment because I'm shy but I've been following your blog for years and I thought why not. :) )

Kingdom Of Style

The only thing I find about sports bras is that they always seem to somehow make fat spill over the top of the underarm hole on me! They seem to simply avert the boob jiggle to elsewhere!

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