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Monday, 13 January 2014


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You look great and fully pull off the jumpsuit. I too detest the prescribed uniform ideal; not only for middle aged ladies but also teens, twenties, thirties etc. We are individuals! My style isn't helped by the general closed mindedness of my geographical location. I used to get less stick when I lived in Nottingham. On a less strong day I tend to hide in a uniform of jeans then just feel blah all day, wishing I'd just gone for it. *sigh*

Kingdom Of Style

I can absolutely relate you to regarding the close mindedness of where you live. Glasgow is incredibly closed minded. It's filled with horrible, judgemental people who seem to take joy in persecuting anyone who dares to be different. Thank god for the minority of tolerant, open minded individuals.


Fabulous and unique ensemble. Every item come together like a poem in the rain, ahhhhhhhhhh
So inspiring!!!


...I've seen you a few times about the town & always think you look wonderful. So good to see a bit of colour and invention amidst all the grey in Glasgow!

You're an original, and that's important.

I bet lots of people secretly wish they had the guts to wear what they want to, rather than what they feel they should.

Kingdom Of Style

You see me about town?? How odd. I was sure I was invisible as I'm usually wrapped in layers of wool!

As ever, love it. At 42 I'm so glad I discovered KOS. I do have my own style and do not wear that middle age uniform. The thought of it makes me cringe. You give me inspiration and affirmation it's ok to be me.

Kingdom Of Style

Do you ever feel really let down by mainstream media, who try and force women our age into these boxes? I certainly do.


I'm 41 and love pushing boundaries. I did once get called Mutton dressed as Lamb on a fashion forum and it stung a lot. My weakness is short skirts and shorts, I like to show off my legs. I guess this particular person did not like it.


Gah I'm so glad I started following you guys again. This outfit is awesome, you give me hope!


Hey I am absolutely in love with this jumpsuit! Do you know where I can get one from or is there anyway you would be willing to sell yours? I know they are all sold out in The Whitepepper :(

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