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Monday, 27 January 2014



ohhman. i swear, your style..!!! x


If you can't beat them, hack them!

Question: when you mix prints, do you also look at them as "one", almost like just a swirl of colors that you mix&match, or do you have some other secret tools?

I need to look away from those Marni's.... Marni used to be my favorite, but lately I'm really biased with the amount of fur in their collections.

Kingdom Of Style

Yes, I pick an overall colour palette first usually, and if the prints all fit together in terms of colour, then on they go!
It's pity Marni have really upped their fur usage. These are pretty old and every time I wear them I immediately regret it because they are really ard to walk in, which is odd given they are almost flat x


Are you wearing leggings as well? Black Milk, perhaps?

Kingdom Of Style

Yes and yes! You're good! I didn't even think it was worth mentioning since they couldn't be seen...except by the eagle eye of Steff!


That's all the fun of wearing lace pants, is it not?


Michelle. Seriously maybe you should also have a side job in interior design for when you are not graphic designing, ballet-ing, fashion blogging. Hell you already do three so what would be the big hassle in adding one more ;)
You are like one of those bartenders that are the cream of the crop of their trade that get dubbed "mixologist" instead of bartender. You are seriously a mixologist of textiles.
If you need a business name might I suggest Michelle Mixology "print guru"
I dunno, I think I am onto something.....


Master printmixer indeed! I may not comment much, but you do frequently inspire me to get dressed with excitement.

Kingdom Of Style

I wonder if we could go for a more hip hop name? I'm liking Mixmaster Michelle. It's got a nice ring to it. I just need me some bitches and hos....


Sign me up for the bitches part.. I hear I am a natural in that department ;)

Bike Pretty

I love the socks in sandals look, but when I try it, my feet slip forward too much. How do you make it work?

Kingdom Of Style

If I wear socks with high heels that sometimes happens. Also if the band of leather across my toes isn't quite tight enough to hold my foot back then I'll slide forward. These have a very shallow incline and the band across my toes is pretty tight. x

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