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Wednesday, 29 January 2014



I have the heels, they are so amazing! Because they're Clarks they've put cushioning on the inside, I wish they made more cool heels as they might actually be comfortable!


I think they are definitely the sort of thing you need to see on, as you say they could look very mumsy. DO love the platforms though.


I can't say I'd wear any of these, but I could see you rocking the platforms if taken completely out of their twee, Orla Kiely context. Haaate that leaf print, haate the wipe-clean finish.

That said, Clarks do sometimes surprise me though: last year I was in the shop with my mum (no reason to go there otherwise haha) and ended up getting some awesome studded, block heel black suede sandals in their sale. I can't wait to wear them this summer! Who knew, right?! xx

Kingdom Of Style

I think they have potential. I just don't know if I'd fork out £100 for them. Perhaps a future sale purchase x


Queen Marie : Made in China?

I can't think of anything else besides ACNE Lark Oxfords. No amount of swans or much more reasonably priced Clarks can pose a distraction. Luckily, while I was debating with myself which kidney should I sell first, they got sold out in my size.

Kingdom Of Style

Those Acnes Oxfords are pretty glorious! I can see why you'd want them, utterly stunning.


Aren't they? Shiny leather, pointy nose, chunky mid heel, mint leather platform......and unfair price of 500 croissants....

Kingdom Of Style

Dust -They doubtless are. My Clarks embargo still stands!
Sorry your Oxfords sold out. Bah!

Queen Marie


And ALL of Orla Kiely's shit is made in China too. She makes one print, uses cheap materials, then cheap labor on top of that, and then charges $$$....all for the privilege of carrying something that looks like the diaper bag of a pre-school teacher-- a great deal! However, I do like those shoes. Fine, I admit it.

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