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Thursday, 30 January 2014


nicola lynde

These are beautiful! I really like the lack of symmetry. I always had the same scarf dreadlocks/hair issue when my hair was long too. I've been told it's a result of fine hair, and if you have lots of that same fine hair it makes it worse, like a bag full of thin string, as opposed to thick yarn. Either way the only remedy I've found is cutting my hair, or tying it up, or just dealing with a massive knot in order to wear a very pretty scarf….


I'm heavily addicted to scarves and the first and last colourways both appeal to me so much. I don't experience any problems with fine scarves, but I did buy one of the enormous Acne Canada blankets...I mean scarves and that causes me no end of trouble. My hair is wild, flyaway and untameable and it sticks out at bizarre angles from chunky scarves around my neck. Makes me look like a bizarre, not terribly good avant-garde piece of sculpture.

Kingdom Of Style

Whenever I wear a wool scarf, as needs must in winter, I end up spending lots on hair oil to help de-tangle the offending ball of hair!

Kingdom Of Style

To be honest, those Acne scarves would anyone hair trouble, they are so big!


Scarves are pretty much the main reason why I wear my hair up all the time. I don't wear scarves only on the hottest days, so I'm not about to let my unruly hair stand between me and a good scarf!


I've never ever connected tangled hair with scarves......must have lived under the stone. It all finally makes sense now.


These really are beautiful... but I do also suffer from getting a tangled matt of hair at the back whenever I wear a scarf. I'm glad I'm not the only one! xx

Kingdom Of Style

How strange, I never have this problem.
And I can have as many as 3 scarves on at time and some of them are HUGE!
I just tuck my hair down my t-shirt and jobs a good un!

Queen Marie

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