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Friday, 31 January 2014



Controversial opinion but I don't actually like these at all! I find them creepy, but not the 'good' kind of creepy - for me, at least! xx

Kingdom Of Style

"Creepy" was word which was bandied around a lot after they showed this collection, which is at odds with the V+R rationale behind the collection, which was basically femininity. Had this not been presented by ballet dancers, I wouldn't like it either. To me, the dancers turned the show in a performance and the collection into costumes, which saved it. As a couture collection I thought it woeful. Yes, I appreciate the difficulty working with latex, but for in terms of couture I think it's disappointing x

Vicky S.

This was probably my favorite couture show - something about the latex seemed so cool and crisp and neat compared to so many couture pieces, which I feel are so over-worked in order to demonstrate the skill. And the eerie and other-worldly presentation really blew me away. The pieces looked better on video, I think, in that the latex seemed more skin-like and the models like creepy machinated mannequins.

Anyway, glad to see you featured it. I thought of you, QMichelle, when I saw the en pointe ballerinas/models!


Since I'm a big fan of the dutch national ballet I was slightly biased seeing the show. I liked it as a performance, but as a fashion designer, I absolutely hated the show. It was a nice PR thing for their perfume, but man, what an awful collection. All the conceptual bla bla about working with latex aside, it was just badly cut, badly designed, and it didn't portray anything they wanted it to portray. Very uninspiring collection of them. But I know the perfume business for them is much MUCH more important than the actual collection.

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