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Friday, 20 December 2013



Merry Christmas to you and all the best in the New Year! Thank you so much for your daily posts.

Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

Needle felting is time consuming but so beautiful, I wish I had the guts to try it! (I'll stick to my crazy frenzied knitting for now!) I am absolutely terrified of mice -- can kill bugs with my bare hands but freak out when I see a tiny baby mouse! -- but these really are awfully cute! You won't find me buying one though; I'll stick with the beautiful handbag a friend made for me years ago, a spider web complete with spider on a crazy psychedelic background (shades of our beloved chartreuse) all needle felted. I envy the craft as you can get so creative with it! Happy holidays to you and yours and I hope the new year brings the very best to you! Love you! XXX PS One of these years I think Scotland during the Yuletide season must be a destination, I have glorious fantasies about it!


No one could possibly look at those and not smile! How very very cute. Wishing you a very merry Christmas (plus an organised, productive and not-too-stressful next 4 days :D )x



Pam Brown

Could you send me a price list for your little creatures? I'm especially interested in the swinging mouse and the fox.

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