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Monday, 02 December 2013


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Kingdom Of Style

What about Jeff Mills' awesome mix of the same name? Or the famed Taiwanese rock band?
According to Grammarphobia, the word, literally a phonetic version of M'aidez, “was used later as a noun to mean either 'a distress signal consisting of the word ‘Mayday!’' or, more generally, 'ANY distress call or call for help,'. Maybe the peeps at Amazon have taken this usage?

Kingdom Of Style

Fair comment Queenie.
I know I can be very old fashioned and a tad 'Victorian Dad' at times
but this does not sit well with me at all...

Queen Marie

Kingdom Of Style

I don't think you're Victorian dad at all, I think you have issue with it because of the timing. There are lots of usages of the word we've come across before that never struck as being misappropriated, such as the Jeff Mills mix, but I think the Clutha accident is on everyone's mind, so suddenly it takes on a new meaning, that never bothered us before. And understandably so.

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