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Monday, 16 September 2013



This is funny, I hate trainers! In the 16 years since I left school, thus leaving PE behind forever, I have not lost the glee knowing that noone can ever make me put such things on my feet again.
But you do look great nonetheless. I love the textures of the hat plus hair plus gilet. Aren't creepers comfy? I have never worn any but always though they looked like they should be.


I really love this look, Queen Michelle! Your gorgeous Bernstock Spiers hat and the gilet really elevate it, and the trainers look so comfy. Might I enquire what ASOS model your trousers are? They're the perfect slim fit that I've been looking for! Cheers, Claire x

Kingdom Of Style

Jess, I had exact same opinion as you about trainers. Maybe I'm just getting old, but my poor feet needed some rest. Creepers are super comfy, but I've just worn mine to death and fancied a wee change for now.

Kingdom Of Style

Oh Claire I got these trousers about 8 months or so ago, so no idea the model. I will say Zara have some gorgeous slim fit trousers just now. Worth checking out x


Those exact shoes are on the feet of practically every single Dane in Copenhagen. I'm glad to see them paired with something else than the sickeningly dull uniform that is usual to that city! I might even dare to wear sneakers when I move to the UK - the fear that you'd be forcibly poured into dull dane-dress if you wear any sneakers at all (but NB in particular!) has kept me from embracing comfortable feet the last couple of years. Thanks for the re-introduction!

Kingdom Of Style

Katrine, I'm curious as to what this uniform looks like?


Ah they look so comfy. I have the same opinion to leave those in PE class forever.
Thank you for making trainers look interesting. I might be converted as well.


Monochrome is always a winner with me and I love this outfit. Trainers will make your feet very happy indeed and there are SO many gorgeous ones to choose from. I adore the Pierre Hardy ones (hella pricey though) and my silver KARL high-tops are possibly my favourite shoes EVER! Too bad I've almost worn them into the ground!


This was a surprise! Around here, trainers (just called 'runners' here) are mostly worn either ironically by hipsters, and by women in skirts carrying their heels in their purses. And while my feet have been screaming for supportive shoes for a couple years now, I just can't bring myself to wear regular runners. I was happy to find some Adidas by Stella McCartney trainers that are almost as good as regular runners in the cushioning department, but are completely monochrome. If only NewBalance and such could down play their logos...

White shirt + black trousers = always classic.

queen Michelle

I got to admit, the low price pretty much decided the purchase for me. I was going to create my own with Nike ID, but then realised I just could not bring myself to pay over £100 for trainers.


So far from boring white shirt/black pants combo! Queen Michelle, you are an eternal source of inspiration.


Hello, Queen M. I have just received mine. Thanks so much for the idea. Was deliberating on different colors, but than I rember hey QM, bought 410 in black and white. So did I. Thank you so much for never ending source of inspiration and beauty. Have a great weekend.

Kingdom Of Style

Welcome to the world of comfort Monika! x

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