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Tuesday, 27 August 2013



I love bomber jackets too. Only problem with them is that they don't keep your arse warm. I don't understand how dudes can get away with wearing jackets in the winter. Do they have less sensitive arses?

I recently bought Soul by Ludacris headphones and they are the business. I don't give a fuck about Ludacris, but I loved the design (all white) and the quality. I was in the Post Office and a young kid behind me in the queue said "Yo I like your headphones yo! Are they as good as the Beats by Dr Dre?" I said "yeah...!" and I nearly took them off my head to give him a listen but then I realized that I was listening to Bach and he'd think I was very uncool, so I didn't.

Kingdom Of Style

I must say, Beats headphones make me want to kill myself. Very expensive pieces of crap.
I hear you regarding the cold arse situation. I do think men have less sensitive arses. Ours are delicate like flowers, theirs are tough like old footballs.


Question: I think your plaid shirt, because of the jewel-toned colorway, would work in summer...exception to plaid-is-for-fall feeling?


What Sony's did you have before, if you don't mind me asking? I used to swear by the MDR-V150's--they were 20USD, and sounded better than headphones literally 10 times the price--but they aren't made anymore. :(. anyway, it'd be wonderful if there was some common point of comparison, because Urbanears' Perfect Classic Headphones look reallllyyy awesome and if they sound good, I want them.

Kingdom Of Style

Elsa those the were ones I used too! They are still going strong but the ear pads are pretty ripped now. Urbanears are definitely as good sound quality.


i never leave the house without my beloved headphones (akg k518, by the way), but i always have trouble wearing them together with sunglasses - they are constantly pushed up because the fit of the headphones is pretty tight. so when looking at the pictures i just had to examine which way you are wearing your urbanears together with your awesome sunglasses.


The jacket is amazing! Love it!


Thank youu!
Yeah, mine technically still work, but the earcup part snapped off of the headband part. They always sound(ed) great, but were, perhaps, not too well built.

Still, since the Urbanears look so good and have such cool features, I'll go with those and be happily headphone-full once more! :D.


Mad jacket, mad shirt, i like the entire outfit but especially those two.

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