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Monday, 12 August 2013


Angelique jennifer

I fell in love with Croon shoes when you first mentioned them. I've been over heels for a couple of years now, probably because there are a lot more options for flats nowadays and it's easy to find a pretty and comfy pair, I can't say the same for heels though...


There's something about flat shoes and a layered outfit that just oozes cool, you remind me of a fashion lecturer!

Pretty sure your legs are way long, no heels required.


hello. it is my first time here. found you through vagabong blog. i love your style. it is exactly how i would love to dress if only i didn't live in the always miserably hot miami.

Kingdom Of Style

Welcome to the Kingdom Claudia! Ah yes, we know all about having the weather dictate how you dress. Mercifully, for us it's mostly the cold we have to dress for - the heat is much harder to dress for x

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