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Thursday, 18 July 2013



I thought I would love the iPad, but it's not as useful to me as I thought it would be. Didn't help that I went out and bought one the week before the second version came out. (This is typical behavior for me-- my husband still laughs his arse off about the time I bought a $200 disc-man after saying "iPods? A fad! They'll never last!").

I'm thinking about updating to the new one...but I'm such a moron I'm afraid I'll make another mistake. Do you know if they're bringing out a new one soon?


Oh wow. My parents had that one. Or rather, they borrowed one from the university for fieldwork and conferences. Very practical, you know, such a portable computer. It even had its own carrying case, which made it approximately the size of an ordinary electrical oven - they got held up in flight security A LOT.
A couple of years later, ca 1996 my brother wrote angst-y teen poetry on it, and we played our very first computer game.
Something very frightening with a baboon in a pyramid.

Kingdom Of Style

Annemarie - Whoops that's a shame. There is talk of another one towards the end of the year but I don't think it will be drastically different.
I'm slightly ashamed to say that I use mine mostly to watch films and tv and to read online magazines. I don't use it for blogging at all.
I take pictures and video to show my mum because the display on the screen is amazing although the quality of the shots isn't the best.
But I do really love it. You should maybe give it another chance!

Katrine - Wow what lucky parents. I'm no gamer but a baboon in a pyramid sounds scary!

Queen Marie

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