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Wednesday, 17 July 2013



I'm so happy for you. I would be devastated if I had to give up my chosen style of dance.

The ballet posts are my favourite so I'm happy they get to stay as well.


Ooooh! I have Egyptian feet too! How nice for us. Pity the poor savages with the "square feet" who don't have the power of an ancient civilization behind them! Off with their heads!

Kingdom Of Style

Funnily enough, the square foot shape is also referred to as the 'pheasant' shape. Poor things.


Yeyyyy! :) I almost feel like running out and trying to find a shoe myself! I only ever had one pair of pointes, and they were never right - they were different to each other too, one narrower than the other. That was back when a pair of pointes from Freed cost £19....

So pleased for you x

nicola lynde

Happy that you're dancing pain free again! And thanks for sharing. As great as those doing the fittings are, I think it's great to have a bit of background knowledge as well. I've just started pointe so I'm not sure if I've found perfect shoes, or even close, but I have been doing class, without padding or tape with little discomfort. Hopefully as classes get longer this stays true.


Really happy for you!!!

Kingdom Of Style

Wow no padding? You're brave! But in theory, a well fitting shoe doesn't need any padding. I blister so easily so padding is a must for me and it helps keep me from sinking into the shoe. That said, when I used to wear Grishkos I didn't wear any padding other than a bit at the bottom of my big toe.

Kingdom Of Style

Hooray. So happy you have painfree dancing feet again.

You and Annemarie have me laughing so hard right now, I'm scared to check my feet in case I'm a poor savage pheasant!!!

Queen Marie


Wow, I never thought fitting for pointe shoes was both parts engineering and luck! This is so interesting. So glad you can dance without pain now.

Kingdom Of Style

Peasant feet are, alas, better for dancing. I guess it's because us Egyptian and Greek footed people made all the peasants dance for us and now they have good dancing feet!


This has made me realise that I was suffering too much pain when I used to dance en pointe, and it wasn't because I was weaker than the other dancers. I have the Egyptian foot shape too but none of the other dancers did, and didn't understand what I was going through. I now have hope that it would be possible to find a properly fitted pointe shoe if I take up ballet again.

nicola lynde

Luckily courtesy of a childhood of dance and gymnastics my feet are pretty tough. Although that being said they are not the prettiest of the bunch!


Grishko 2007 hard shank fo-evah!! They are the best shes for my egyptian feet.

Natalie Ast

I wear 2007's as well! Tried to switch to serenades, but gladly went back to my trusty grishkos! hope you're enjoying them!

xo, natalie from

Kingdom Of Style

I've taken 3 classes so far with them and they are still amazing!

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