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Monday, 29 July 2013



Paper dolls are the best! I certainly make sure my daughters get to play with & make them, even though they are citizens of the digital age (they are 5 & a half and 7).


Clever marketing! Gwensday still refuses to get rid of paper dolls we found at M&S when she was just a wee tot -- flower fairies -- and while she prefers to rock out on her bass or ukelele, she still loves them as a memory of the times she spent playing with them. We have so many of those sites here, but you have to be careful & make sure you choose wisely as I had a huge problem with one well-known site who has owed me money for over 1.5 years (they're finally sending it after they kept ignoring letters from my lawyer, creeps!) XXX

Secret little Stars

What a great collection of "Collectables" :) x

Angelique Jennifer

I got rid of half my wardrobe last Summer and it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Now I'm much more careful about what I buy - buy less, wear more!


Oooh, I have so many sweet childhood memories! When I was little I loved playing with paper dolls and the new generation will really never know what big fun it is.

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