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Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Neko x Camille

Beautiful goth ballerina. I've never seen anyone as cool as you during ballet class.
Before I've had classes when I was a child. Now I moved on to barre classes, but ballet will always be something special.

Kingdom Of Style

Yes, goth ballerinas are not exactly commonplace hehe!


I have to say that I admire all ballerinas, I used to play tennis, training all the time etc. but I wouldn't dare to compare it to the hard work of ballerinas.. wow


Kingdom Of Style

Mia, I think anyone who dedicates themselves to something should be admired, be it ballet, sport or anything which requires hard work and discipline.



Sarah G

I aboslutely LOVE your ballet posts! I want to start back but scared I would be the fattest person in the class!! :(

nicola lynde

These are great, thanks for sharing. Beautiful photos too, I love the first one.

Kingdom Of Style

Sarah get your arse back to class! We have ALL shapes and sizes in class. PLEASE come along!

the animal orchestra

I very much identify with your thoughts on the duality of ballet - it's such a whirlwind of emotion, capable of making you bitterly depressed or on the most incredible high. It's a struggle! But a good one.

Such gorgeous photography. I love your swan arms in the third photo.


I love, love, love the third picture. I started ballet again two years ago after 10 years and I love it just as much as I did when I was a teenager!

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