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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


the animal orchestra

It's so funny - you've made reference a couple of times to my dedication to wearing black, and yet I can't help but swoon with envy over your ability to be a complete chameleon when it comes to your outfits! I can't fathom it. It's so impressive!

Kingdom Of Style

I do wish I could I could dedicate myself to wearing one style and perfect it, as you have. I feel I flit in and out of styles but rarely perfect any!

Kingdom Of Style


Although I have to say these look pretty damm perfect.
Lovely shot of you beside the blossom tree.
The trees here in the far east are weeks away from bloom yet. Bah
Queen Marie xx

Prince B


Queen Michelle

Oi you too, shut it hehehe!
Yeah the blooms are in full bloom here, but getting steadily blown right off the trees again!


Ahh I love Mih!
I have the black velvet Oslo pair and they're just brilliant. I need to get another pair soon since I've dropped a coupla sizes, but I picked my pair up so cheaply (20USD! I'm not missing a zero there, either. ) that I don't know if I want to wait for another such deal or just suck it up and blow a quarter of my money on a pair of pants. D:

Also I need that coat. !

Kingdom Of Style

Oh velvet! I wish I'd noticed they had velvet versions!


I liked both the outfits but liked first one more! Awesome shoes, would love to get these Underground England shoes. Also vintage hat and super skinny black jeans is looking superb!


Those shoes are incredible, this is an outfit I so wish I could pull off with the ease you do

Sleekit x

Kingdom Of Style

Aw thank you Sleekit! x

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