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Friday, 19 April 2013



hi! i recently got fitted in a shop with different brands (bloch, freed, merlet, sansha) so i had the chance to try what might work best for me. although i am quite happy now with my bloch b-morph with the tmt box and sole and the extra padding in the box, like every dancer i'm always looking for the perfect pointe shoe. my feet have an egyptian shape, so my big toe is the longest. i need a normal wide and have a normal to high arch, especially on my left foot. sanshas don't work for me, i tried them there and i tried them already before. she gave me no freeds to try on although i went there for the freeds, because she said she can see that even the studioI wouldn't be the right ones for me. so we tried bloch again but i wasn't fully content with any of them. i also tried the jetstream because i was curious but the jetstream is a model for feet with a "giselle" shape. that means that all toes have to be about the same length or at least the first three. so if you have problems with too much weight on your big toe, i guess you have also egyptian feet. you might probably sink in the box. also for my feet the vamp was too short so it didn't cover the toe joints adequate. and i wouldn't think that i wouldn't need any extra padding and i'm really no sissy. but as a dancer, you know the miracle of pointe shoes yourself. you'll have to try yourself. the b-morph tmt are also not recommended for the egyptian foot shape but as they can be molded with heat to fit to your feet, i dance very well on them. you can never tell... shoe models that fit quite good when your big toe is the longest are the bloch suprima (which i personally cannot recommend) and the bloch amelie. to get rid of the "weight on the big toe"-problem some dancers recently recommended the "totally toes fitting kit" from gaynor minden. haven't tried that yet. btw. i ended up with merlet no.2 which i didn't expect at all at first. i wish you good look for finding your pair of pointe shoes!

Kingdom Of Style

Yes, I too have the Egyptian foot shape narrow - normal in width. I am prone to sinking into the box of my shoe, yes. I tried the Totally Toes kit but it didn't help unfortunately.

I tried the Freeds Studio and they were awful for me. They actually were instrumental in giving me ankle injury.

As we obviously the same shape of foot, your comment is super helpful Lola x

Bike Pretty

I'm totally fascinated by the ballet posts, and the pointe shoes digression was riveting!
I feel like an armchair ballerina (even stricken with sympathetic big toe pain. ouch!)

Kingdom Of Style

Aw, sympathetic toe pain! x

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