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Monday, 11 March 2013



I actually like the one that's left! And my attempts to buy a tshirt earlier today were foiled, 'cause it was sold out. And I really wanted a new Bowie shirt. :/. But this will do nicely. :)

uh, anyway, it's cool if you don't want to answer, but d'you mind giving your measurements so I can tell a bit better which size to get? Some shirts make me look pregnant because boobs are a thing, and others make me look a liiitle too streetwalker for my liking, because a small waist is also a thing.

Kingdom Of Style

Hey Nicole, I'm wearing a size large here and I'm a UK10 - 32C boobs and a 26" waist. These tees aren't fitted at the waist or anything, since they're unisex. Hope that helps x


Thanks so much! That was a huge help.
of course I'm now thirty bucks poorer AND I just got new monkey boots it goes. haha, thanks again.

Bike Pretty

Pretty rad that you were able to help Heather Gabel sell out her stock!

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