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Friday, 15 February 2013



I wish I was there right now! I could so use a good cupcake.

also I think this is one of the first full pictures of you i've seen here? You are adorable. :3. show off your tartan clad self more often!


Oh my goodness, it looks like you were in a story book! Are you SURE that this actually happened?! What a sweetie cutie little place!

Nicola Searle

Glad you enjoyed the East Neuk and Fife! We got peanut butter brownies which were deliciously sinful. Happy blogging!


Marie, you are adorable with all your tartan. I want to see a closeup of that bun on top of head pinned in place with big clips hairdo.

This post makes me miss Scotland...


Ok. Right now I am totally jealous! Those pictures are awesome, I just dream of that pittoresque landscape now!

Olive xox

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