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Thursday, 14 February 2013



Most definately this tshirt: J
why-oh-why didn't I buy it? I searched high and low for an alternative, but alas... nothing. Ever since you featured that tartan skirt, I became obessed with that print!


All the time :( my biggest regret is a pair of red suede underground ankle boots that were on the Urban Outfitters website a couple of years back and they've never had them back in. I've searched but you can only get the red leather ones. I want suede damn it!
Another is a white and black jumpsuit I saw online a few months back and it's never come back in. I kick myself daily because it was the only jumpsuit I've ever liked! Boo, it's brought it all back, now I'm sad again!


That thing just looks SO dead! I'm impressed.

Slimming Style Secrets

I ran into this problem on Tuesday!! I saw a gorgeous cream sweater over the weekend but ultimately decided to buy it because I have so many cream sweaters. That said, I couldn't get it out of my head -- it was so gorgeous! So I decided to go back on Tuesday and purchase it...only to discover they'd completely sold out. In two days.


Thought you should know this is still available @
Thanks for re-pinning from me, by the way :)

Fashioned by Love

Oh, those precious things... There are a few I wish I'd bought and there are others I wish I never got rid of. One of the biggest regrets? Probably Bottega Veneta bag on sale for less than £200 that never became mine... :(


I still despair over the fact that I didn't buy a beautiful Vivienne Westwood corset when I spotted it in an Edinburgh shop years ago for £100!


Yes! Finsk ponyskin wedges. They're so architecturally amazing. They look good on feet and on display on a shelf. *sigh*


I suspect you'd prefer the silky fabric and a more gothic look than the cutesy look, but have you seen Celapiu's felt/crocheted fox stoles on Etsy?

Stephanie / FAIIINT

Oh wow, this is awesome! Now you've got me craving one too! I'm actually working on a 'grown up' wolf teddy for a friend as a surprise, and now I'm just imagining the same thing stretched out, in all black & bit floppier... Hmm... May have to have a go at making something similar to this afterwards!
My 'wish I'd brought it' was my dream Haider Ackermann jacket, it was on the outnet for an amazing price, in my size & I hesitated for just a few minutes & then it was gone! *sob*


Way better than wearing furs. Please check our app we launched this week and give some feedback as we love your blog and respect your thoughts. and app is also on apple store, thanks, Styel FaceOff Team


YES! All the time. I balance this out by buying crap that I know I don't really want, even as I'm paying for it. Brilliant. x


Yes. It's not clothes-related though. It was a fantastic retro dressing table with a top covered in awesome decoupage pictures of pretty ladies. It was so funky. And it was only $20. And oh god now I'm tearing up.

Kingdom Of Style

Hahaha! I hear ya on that one! x

Kingdom Of Style

Hold it together Marnie! Tears ain't bringing it back! ;)

Kingdom Of Style

If you do make one, please show me! I'd love to see it x

Kingdom Of Style

The good thing about Finsk is that you can always get them and they do often go on sale, so I think you'll get another chance at an awesome pair x

Kingdom Of Style

Thank yuo for reminding me how much I wanted this hehe!

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