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Monday, 18 February 2013



The t-shirt/necklace combo is magnificent!

the animal orchestra

I pretty much wear top-to-toe black every day of my life, but I adore this outfit. Especially the rainbow-bright necklace against the tapestry tee - it's just the right amount of madcap!


The problem with reading blogs in Google reader is that it's not the most convenient for leaving comments, so I made an effort to come back today and say how much I loved this! As an accessories obsessive, I'm most jealous of the bag and shoes, but this outfit is very inspired and I love the different elements of it - though I'd never be brave enough to wear them together, you pull it off flawlessly! xxx


As a formerly Goth kid, I always feel like I understand how you put together your all-black outfits.
But when you manage the pattern-mixing, it's so mysterious. I don't know how you pull it off!
I always end up mixing patterns accidentally, and then I get a strange light-headed feeling when I catch sight of the result in the mirror.


What a great look!

Kingdom Of Style

It's voodoo ;)

Kingdom Of Style

You're a pretty blond girl - you could carry off print easily!

Kingdom Of Style

I love that you used the word 'mad-cap'! A very charming way to describe it x

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