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Monday, 04 February 2013


Kingdom Of Style

These have been all over Tumblr and Pinterest and I LOVE the poison cup ones! I think Arsenic is my favourite.


I just love those! I've always been a fan of everything Pirate so this is just the perfect set for me!

Olive xox

With you on this - Valentine's Day stuff seems to be so trite, so twee, so bad taste. LOVE the kraken, and (of course) the poison tea cups, and the raven platter - gorgeous. The dinosaur one cracks me up. I saw something along these lines at a fayre (in London) once and regretted not buying them ever since - if i recall correctly it was beetles and bugs superimposed on pretty plates, a bit like the above, but I didn't note down who made them, grrr.

Ms. Smart

Happy New Year queens!!


I love these!



You make leather pants look so comfortable. I love your style!

Jet aka Punk Glam Queen

You know I would love the poisons tea cups , love the raven too! I actually have a vintage high ball glass they did a series of I think in the '60s, mine says "Wolfsbane". My doctor friend has antique jars her mother gave her that say "Cocaine" "Heroine", I died when I saw them in her china cabinet so funny! Now I want to paint all my teacups with poison names... XXX

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