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Tuesday, 26 February 2013



I like this sweatpants outfit better than the last one. Perhaps it's because the drape of the sheer top plays nicely with that of the trousers? I have yet to be sold on the idea of wearing sweatpants outside of the gym but you make it work wonderfully.


you always layer your outfits really well



This is just plain awesome. I've been in LOVE with that cross tank ever since you first featured it on the blog, I bought a cheap Topshop dupe last summer but there is no comparison really! The shoes are amazing.. just all of it. I'm still astounded the sweatpants work with this, personally I'd love it with skinny jeans/leather-look skinnies but the fact that you can pull this off is amazing! xxx


Also, meant to say I'm jealous of how long your hair seems to have gotten suddenly. Mine needs to grow faster! xxx

Kingdom Of Style

It feels like suddenly my hair just grew! But in reality, it's been a full year since I had it cut. Eek! Going to get it cut at the weekend but just an inch off.


This outfit is amazing! I love those jogging trousers paired with the creepers.


I was just thinking your hair is getting crazy long! It looks great, I'm way jealous. I let them cut my hair off to shoulder length for a tiny part on Mad Men. I'm so happy to have been on the show...But...MY HAIR!

Kingdom Of Style

MMMichelle oooh you're an actress!? Impressed!


When I can get the work I am, hahaha. It's like being unemployed with brief moments of glamour.

Kingdom Of Style

Bubbles does your mummy know you're on the Internet?

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