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Wednesday, 27 February 2013



This is my favourite of the three looks! They look great with the bag.


I´m a fan of your jogging trousers too and I like the way you styled it, edgy.


I'm so tempted to wear an outfit like this one, except with some silver Underground England cuban-heeled beat boots. This is my favourite of the three days, and I totally think I'll get some sweatpants. Cool series of posts/hope your foot feels better soon. :)


I love this look & lazy oaf is such a fantastic shop, oh my I love itxx

Kingdom Of Style

Lazy Oaf is awesome isn't it? This is my most favourite hat x

Kingdom Of Style

Thanks RantNRave, I hope the old foot gets better soon too. Bored of it now! x


Ahh I missed the third day! Well, better late than never: I love this! It looks super comfy but in a good way - think the bag makes it (want!) and it's way better than wearing a onesie in Tesco ;) xxx

Do you know how to find Mandinka clothes these days???

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